Monday, September 2, 2013


I plan to re-start writing posts, but cant be sure when it is going to happen. Meanwhile, I will post papers that caught my interest in my facebook page as a way to encourage discussion. If anyone needs/wants the full text of a particular study, feel free to ask. 

My mind is always expecting to learn and be fascinated by something new, so probably, the studies I will post are not only nutrition/immunology related. I have developed a great interest in sound perception and experience. Additionally, dont be surprised to find biophysics related stuff, which is my academic interest as well as my scope of research on the lab. 

I would love that readers start sharing papers looking for discussion on the page. The best way to learn is discussing, which inherently implies that you have to read and (probably) learn something new in order to answer a particular question. This is why I love to teach. 

You can access my facebook page clicking the link below:


Any news regarding the blog (new posts, etc) will be posted in there.

Hope to see you over there!


  1. Hi, Lucas

    Glad to hear you will be posting again.


  2. Hi Lucas! I don't do Facebook, so I'm sad to see that I'll be missing out on a chance to see what you are posting about, since only Facebook users can see it.

  3. Looking forward to seeing these papers. Sound perception is quite an interesting topic.

  4. Me alegra que hayas vuelto, pensaba que habías desaparecido para siempre.

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